Toronto Long-Term Disability Lawyer

Many employees have access to long term disability insurance as part of their group benefits package. In the event of a serious accident or injury that renders you unable to work, these benefits are intended to provide you with some salary protection. You may also have private insurance coverage for critical illness and long term disability.

Long-Term Disability Insurance Explained

While all long-term disability policies will be slightly different, there are some commonalities. The benefit amount paid can range from 50-85% of your salary, and usually ends at age 65. Claimants must submit a complete application, and provide supporting and updated medical documentation as required. They must usually participate in some form of treatment or rehabilitation plan.

Most long-term disability policies have two phases. For the first period, which is usually two years, you will be paid benefits if you are unable to work in your own occupation. After this, you will only receive ongoing benefits if you are unable to work in any job for which you could be trained.

During the first two years of your claim, your insurer will expect regular updates, medical reports and other paperwork. Claims examiners will attempt to find anything within these documents to justify denial of your claim.

Why you need a Disability Insurance Lawyer for your Long-Term Disability Claim

The long-term disability lawyers at Jasmine Daya & Co. in Toronto, have a reputation in the insurance industry as lawyers that do not back down, and fight until our clients receive fair compensation. With decades of cumulative experience handling insurance and serious injury claims on behalf of claimants, our lawyers will protect your best interests so you can focus on recovery.

Even if everything seems to be going smoothly in relation to your claim, communication with an insurance company is never straightforward. Disability policies are long and complex, and correspondence may contain terms that are unclear or have an unusual definition in context. Hiring a lawyer that knows the internal workings of the insurance industry can give you an advantage throughout this process.

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Our lawyers have a track record of obtaining full compensation for our clients. We will review your policy and correspondence from your insurance company, and give you an honest assessment of your circumstances. Your consultation appointment is free, and we do not charge any fees up front. If you have questions about your long-term disability coverage, contact us online or at 416-967-9100.