I began my time at Jasmine Daya & Co. in October 2018. Through my grade 11 Co-op program with Earl Haig Public School, I was able to apply for a student position at the firm. The Co-op program mixes traditional school with a real world work environment. It offers students a chance to explore a career of their choice, meet new people, get real experience and gain connections.

Before joining Jasmine and her team, I took an Introduction to Canadian Law course and a Canadian and International Law course, which gave me a great foundation to start my new learning experience. I still had many inquiries about the law and my duties at the firm, which were always answered by the kind hearted and welcoming staff here.

Some of the tasks I have been working on include, scanning correspondence, drafting letters to request records, managing reception, shadowing lawyers and on occasion attending at proceedings. Over the last few months, I have constantly been learning about the law and all of the hard work that takes place behind the scenes for each and every case.

The greatest asset this firm has are the people that work here. They all exhibit a great work ethic and are dedicated to their cases and responsibilities. The team is always working hard to ensure that their clients get the best service they deserve. The only thing that overshadows their work ethic is their kindness. The staff are welcoming and supportive no matter what the issue or question is and are always willing to extend a helping hand. I always feel comfortable to ask questions and they make it easy to talk to them for guidance in different areas. They are also a very tight knit group, they often work together on cases which has shown me the importance of teamwork and cooperation.

I am in Jasmine’s debt for all that she has done for me through this experience and treating me as an equal team member. This experience has kept me on track for wanting to pursue a career in the legal profession. I’ve gained so much knowledge and experience thus far, and can’t wait to see what else they have in store for me.

I look forward to my remaining time at this amazing firm.