May 21, 2019

Episode 3: Personal Injury and Negligence at the Gym

In this episode, host Jasmine Daya sits down with Carlton Brown, Personal Trainer, a member of the Certified Professional Trainers Network Inc., a member of the International Sports Sciences Association, a Level 3 instructor for Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA, a Level II Kettlebell Instructor, a Level 2 Buddy Lee Jump Rope Instructor and a Level 1 Crossfit Instructor to discuss injuries in the context of personal training and gym negligence.
Jasmine and Carlton discuss issues that could arise at the gym such as due to faulty equipment, improper use of equipment, inattentive personal trainers and failure to call emergency personnel in response to health issues.  Carlton also explains that trainers and the gym both have insurance if an unfortunate occurrence arises involving negligence.
May 14, 2019

Episode 2: Personal Injury and Cost Insurance

In this episode, host Jasmine Daya sits down with Nick Robson, Vice President and General Counsel at The Judge to discuss After the Event Insurance, commonly referred to as “Cost Insurance”.

Jasmine and Nick discuss the benefits of cost insurance as well as recent case law regarding this relatively new insurance product available in Canada.  Although advising clients of cost insurance is not a professional requirement of lawyers in Ontario, the Solicitors Code of Conduct in England & Wales requires that clients be informed of cost insurance as a way of mitigating a client’s risk

May 9, 2019

Episode 1: Personal Injury and Real Estate

In this episode, host Jasmine Daya sits down with Ravi Singh, founder and team leader of Connexus Group ReMax Hallmark Realty to discuss Real Estate from a Personal Injury perspective.

Jasmine and Ravi discuss disclosures from sellers, home inspection Do’s and Dont’s, how the market affects risk and safety and more.

May 2, 2019

Law Girl Podcast

Jasmine Daya launches her podcast, Law Girl!  Keeping it real and breaking down the law, one interview at a time.  Jasmine’s intention is to educate the public about Personal Injury law through discussions with individuals in various sectors in a light-hearted and relaxed manner.  Jasmine’s passion as a Personal Injury lawyer and her always positive spirit shines through during the Law Girl podcast series.


DisclaimerThis podcast is for informational purposes only. Jasmine Daya & Company does not benefit from or endorse any of the individuals interviewed.